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Daiko has met the needs of our customers primarily in the metalworking industry. In order to continue to provide technology to fully satisfy our customers, we have formulated a basic policy for information security to protect information assets in an advanced information society from threats, such as incidents, disasters, or crime, and to satisfy the trust that both our customers and society place in us. We engage in efforts for information security based on this policy.

1. Preparation of internal systems and an information security policy

The Company has prepared the necessary management system to maintain and improve its security, defining official internal rules for the necessary information security measures.

2. Responsibility and ongoing improvement in leadership

The Company's managers observe our basic policy and exert leadership so that both the Company's and our customers' information assets are properly managed.

3. Abiding by legal and contractual requirements

The Company's employees abide by the security requirements regarding information assets used in business operations as established under laws, regulations, and contracts with customers.

4. Efforts by employees

The Company's employees work to acquire the knowledge and technologies required to maintain and improve information security, making committed efforts for the sake of information security.

5. Response to violations and incidents

The Company has prepared systems for responding to information security incidents or violations of laws, regulations, standards, or customer contracts relating to information security, and seeks to minimize the impact of such violations or incidents.

March 1, 2018
Daisuke Endo, President and CEO
Daiko Precision Instruments Co., Ltd.

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