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Quality Inspection

Introducing quality inspections

Inspections between processes enable us to maintain a high level of quality

Sophisticated quality inspections are necessary for high-quality metal parts. Daiko Precision Instruments also has an extensive track record as a manufacturer of precision measuring instruments. We make metal parts with full confidence in our precision.

Quality inspection items

Exterior inspection

Measuring devices for visual/surface roughness

Screw inspection

Screw gauge

Dimension inspection

Calipers, micrometers, coordinate measuring machines, etc.

Post-surface treatment inspection

Exterior inspection/dimension inspection/screw inspection

Quality InspectionIntroducing the Equipment

Machine type: coordinate measuring machine
Company name: Mitutoyo
Model number: CRYSTA-Apex S
Machine type: coordinate measuring machine
Company name: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence
Machine type: projector
Company name: Mitutoyo
Model number:PJ-H30
Machine type: ceramic block gauge
Company name: Mitutoyo
Machine type: surface roughness measuring device
Company name: Accretech
Machine type: various types of pin gauges, screw gauges
Equipment list

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