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Handling even single lots

Partners Mitutoyo Corporation, Toyo Seikan Group Engineering Co. Ltd., Shotoku Corp., and many others

Voices of Our Customers

Company M

Precision was absolutely essential for the main components of our machines.

Because the parts we ordered were the main components of our machines, precision was absolutely essential. Daiko achieved all our requirements to help us successfully complete our project. We are extremely satisfied with their work.

Company T

They prepared the prototypes with a very short deadline.

We had to prepare prototypes urgently due to the request of our trading partners, so we searched for a company that could make the parts with a tight deadline. Thanks to Daiko's quick response we were able to deliver the prototypes to our trading partners on time.

Our technology enables us to meet your needs

The technology to make precision instruments

Daiko Precision Instruments has a long track record in manufacturing parts for precision instruments, with a well-established reputation for precision. Choose us for machining that requires the utmost precision.

We take pride in our ability to never say no

From parts for rockets and industrial machinery to furniture, come to us for complex parts with the best in precision. Daiko Precision Instruments never says no

The reason why we can achieve rapid production with high quality

Fully integrated internal systems and inspections in every single process

High quality is maintained through inspections in every single process

At Daiko Precision Instruments, we conduct meticulous inspections using micrometers, calipers, and coordinate measuring machines.

Rapid production with no loss in deliveries or communication

Doing several processes at different companies results in lost time in transit and lost communication between workers. Our company handles combined processes internally, eliminating such losses.

Consultations or inquiries welcome!

Daiko Precision Instruments always welcomes new inquiries.
Feel free to ask us how much it might cost, or whether we can do it by a specified time.
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