Daiko Precision Instruments Co., Ltd.

Machining Center/NC Lathe/Welding in Kawasaki City

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Online Inquiries

From consultation and ordering to delivery

Flow to Delivery

01. Inquiry

Contact us via the telephone number given below or the online form. Our staff will then contact you.

Closed Saturdays, Sundays

02. Quote and order

We will prepare a quote based on the information we receive from you. If you wish to go ahead with the order, we will begin the work.

03. Process instructions

Daiko Precision Instruments conducts process management based on our own original system.

04. Production and manufacturing

A program is created with CAD/CAM. We can handle processing for the machining center, NC lathe, and welding all within our own company, for speedy delivery.

05. Quality Inspection

We carry out a precise quality inspection. Our long experience of delivering to precision instrument manufacturers is the key to Daiko Precision Instruments’ high level of precision.

06. Shipment and delivery

Each item is carefully packaged. Daiko Precision Instruments is responsible all the way for delivering our products.

Consultations or inquiries welcome!

Daiko Precision Instruments always welcomes new inquiries.
Feel free to ask us how much it might cost, or whether we can do it by a specified time.
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